Five years ago I shot a short called Exubia, it was an idea I got when I thought “if there were a pill that would make you happy forever, would you take it?” I was really excited to make this film, I was fortunate enough to get a producer to help me put it together.

Setting the stage.

When I finally was able to shoot this film, a lot was going on in my life personally. I had no real income and I lost my apartment, I shouldn’t say lost it because it’s still there today, they just wouldn’t let me live there because I wasn’t paying them the agreed upon rent.

I got an internship at the Atlanta Film Festival which I loved working. I was walking 45 minutes to the train then an additional one hour train ride. My phone was off so I was using a Google Voice number, if you were lucky enough to call me when I was near WiFi you could talk to me but there was a three-second delay. It was like talking to a reporter during a war but, I wasn’t in Afghanistan, I was in Lawrenceville. Fun times.

So when did I decide to shoot my film? A week before the festival, because I’m an idiot and I love stress.

This film was made with love, I couldn’t pay anyone, everyone did it because they wanted to help me make this film happen. Even though no one was being paid I did have to feed people. A week prior to the shoot I didn’t have enough money to get food and money I was expecting fell through. Two days prior to the shoot I told Antrone, one of the actors in the film, I was going to have to cancel the shoot. I wasn’t going to have people working 8 hours and not have food for them but the film gods were watching over us and I got a check with back pay from the film festival. We were ready to shoot and we did. Did everything work perfectly? No, we had a day where we shot for 24 hours straight! It was crazy! No one was being paid but they stayed and I am so grateful for the cast and crew I had. Exubia isn’t a perfect film but I am proud of what we were able to produce. My producer Lynnette White-Pierce who was able to get an awesome crew of people to dedicate their time to make this film.

So now I’m putting together another crew, I’m excited because I will be making some short films, three to be exact. They will be back stories to the characters in my feature film.

Making films is f#@king fun! Please let me know what you think of the film, good or bad. I would love the feedback.

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