The Creator

noun the action or process of bringing something into existence.

I’m a creator and so are you, it doesn’t matter what your “job” is. I believe that we are all like our Creator, each one of us is a small part of God and we are capable of doing amazing things. We are capable of making something beautiful that makes humanity better because of it. I hope y’all feel me, there’s something in you right now that needs to be expressed and shared with someone. I would encourage you to take some time out for yourself and create, it can be a painting or a bomb-ass sandwich with bacon. But never stop, keep creating things that bring you joy and it will bring someone else joy.

I’ve been lucky enough to make a living creating and not everything I do is good. Actually, I feel most things I create aren’t up to the standards I set for myself. That’s fine because I know the culmination of my mistakes and successes will help me in the future. That took me decades to be comfortable with. I’ve always thought everything I did had to be perfect and if it wasn’t perfect it wasn’t worth anything. Now that I’m older I know there’s no such thing as perfect. What matters is how it affects the person looking at it. Sometimes I create things and I hate it but my client loves it.

I’m creating a short film and the best part of doing this is that I will be with other creators. The actors, make-up artist, director of photography, production designer, etc. will all be creating with me. A mosaic of artistry comes together because of a story I wrote, to quote the great Negro poet Big Boi “well that’s a beautiful thang.” This is why I love filmmaking, I can create with other creatives and possibly affect someone’s life. At least I hope so.

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