Just Make Your Damn Film!

Just Make Your Damn Film!

A lot of filmmakers want to make a feature film but most fall short. For me I wanted my first feature to be great, I wanted it to be like Reservoir Dogs. Over the past few months, I’ve learned that just making a film is an accomplishment itself. You want your film to be good no doubt but completing a film says more. The reason is filmmaking is pretty complicated because there are so many moving parts, so finish a film is admirable.

I’ve heard plenty of people say you can make a film with your phone and would think yeah but it won’t be good. Now I know that’s not necessarily true, also I think it’s more about the process than the finished product. Think about this, Speilberg used to make films as a kid growing up, he had the advantage of having a 16 or 8 mm camera. Was his first film great, no. He was honing his skills. Once he started working in television he was honing his skills with better equipment, then he directs Duel and what he does with that TV movie is an amalgamation of all his work prior. Now that we have that technology has made everyone a content creator we can hone our skills with an iPhone.

I’m making a short film called 2AM, we begin shooting in January. I’m making this film so I can hone my skills and take what I learn from this process to make my feature film.

Filmmaking is a learning process and that’s why you should make your film. FYI if it sucks just don’t put it out and make another one.

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