Kevin Hart, You Live by the Tweet You Die by the Tweet

Kevin Hart, You Live by the Tweet You Die by the Tweet

Kevin Hart stepped down as host of the Oscars after anti-gay tweets resurfaced. He’s since apologized. I don’t believe Kevin is homophobic now but in our society, we tend to look at past behavior through present-day eyes. 

Kevin is now a crossover star and as the biggest comedian in America right now you are held to a different standard. Bruce Bruce can post gay slurs and probably not lose any stand-up dates. In our culture, the use of a gay slur wasn’t out of the ordinary. Not everyone said it but a majority of our culture is more conservative Christian. News flash, black folks are more Republican than you think. I’ve heard gay slurs in rap music and in comedy and I’ve said them too. I don’t want to excuse this but I would like people to remember we are a product of our environment.

Everyone doesn’t evolve in their thinking at the same time. I remember when Ellen came out of the closet in the 90s and a local tv station in my home state (Alabama) refused to air her sitcom episode where she comes out. Now she has nationally syndicated show and I’m sure it airs in Alabama. Did all the gay-hating people in Bama die or did more of them evolve? So I’m glad Kevin has stepped down, I think it was the right thing to do. It would have cast a cloud on the downward ratings of the Oscars and don’t get it twisted, the Oscars are really upset to not have Kevin there now they have to see what Billy Crystal is doing on Oscar night.

Celebrity comes with a lot of responsibility, I think once Kevin crossover he realized that. In this digital age, our words are no longer ephemeral so we have to clean up behind ourselves because the younger you is an asshole and an idiot. Hopefully, those words won’t be outlawed for a few decades.

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