Elon Musk Helped Me Clarified My Film

Elon Musk Helped Me Clarified My Film


I watched Elon Musk on 60 Minutes last night, he was interesting. What blew me away from watching it and seeing his first 60 Minutes appearance is his vision. It was not only clear but it hadn’t changed. Tesla Motors goal is to accelerate the growth of electric cars. It wasn’t to make billions or to become the biggest electric car manufacturer. In that goal is to save the planet, he said that all of his vehicle patents are open source. He said that if another company makes a better electric car he would be happy because that would mean they accomplished their goal.

As filmmakers we must do the same, we should have a goal in mind for our films. That must be simple to understand for all of our crew members and cast. If everyone on the team understands the goal they will put their efforts into making it happen.

The goal for my film 2 AM is to bring awareness to economic hardship that some people in Chicago face. This is what all of my crew members understand while making this film, that’s what all of the actors know. This can also be called the theme but it really doesn’t matter what you call it. You just want to be sure everyone knows what it is.

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