meditation + gratitude = happiness

(Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash)

No matter how turbulent the ocean is at its surface, if you go deep there’s a peaceful stillness there that isn’t disturbed. That’s what meditation is to me.

Every morning I meditate for 20 minutes, in this meditation, I focus on my breathing and posture. As my breath goes in and out I will eventually start wondering in my mind but once I realize I’m doing this I go back to focusing on breathing. No worries, I don’t scold myself I know my mind will wander. I feel my body, I mean really feel it to see what’s going on. After that I journal and write three things I’m grateful for, it could be anything like eating a good lunch or meeting a friend. This practice has helped me, I would say that I’m happier and more at peace than I have ever been. I think everyone should do this.

The great thing about meditation is you can use it when stress arises. When I feel anything I can remember my breath and calm myself and do two things, fix what I’m stressed about or acknowledge it and let it be. Being present means you’re focused on what’s before you and not anticipating what’s happening next. When you are fully in the moment you’re at peace. There is no past or future there’s only now. If we are to rid ourselves of past pain or future fears we must be present.

When it comes to making films I have to be present through the whole process even the stuff that isn’t all that fun for me, like contracts. We begin our campaign on Monday but I can’t think about that I need to think about that while I’m making some badass graphics for the social media page doing so cuts down on the anxiety of raising $12k. I would tell anyone that breathes they should meditate and journal because I believe that is the best way to relieve yourself of stress and be at peace.


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