My hypocrisy on the Jussie thing

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Jussie Smollett saga but it looks like he may have lied about being attacked. I made a joke about it on my Facebook page but this morning I saw a Facebook live post from my casting director talking about kicking people while they’re down. After watching it I realized I was doing exactly the opposite of what my film is about. I want people to see why people do the things they do and understand that we are not just our bad moments but an amalgamation of all of our moments. The good, the bad and the meh, we are complicated. If he’s guilty I do think he needs to face the consequences but I also hope that he’s not mentally ill. If he did do this because he thought it would help his career I would think that his age he would know that’s a horrible idea but I’m not in his shoes. So let’s wait on Oprah to interview him before we judge. After saying all that does this mean I will stop making Trump jokes? Nah, I’m not that evolved yet.


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