And the winner is…

The Oscars was last night and a lot of people are upset that Green Book won. While the Oscars are very prestigious, it doesn’t mean as much as people may think. My favorite moment in the Oscars is Driving Miss Daisy winning over Do the Right Thing. Looking back I think most serious film fans would say Do the Right Thing is a better and more important film, it made AFI’s 100 list at #96, Driving Miss Daisy didn’t make the cut.

Award shows don’t give an accurate gauge on what film will truly stand the test of time. How could it? I don’t know the demographic makeup of the voting board for the Academy but I’m sure there’s a fair amount of older people. So you get How Green is My Valley over Citizen Kane in 1942. Did the Academy know that Citizen Kane would become the movie every film student watched in order to pass a film class? Of course not, so don’t get caught up in the moment because time will reveal what’s what.


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