Color or black and white

Color or black and white
Roma reminds me how beautiful black and white can be.

I was talking to a potential editor about my project and he asked if it was going to be shot in black and white since it’s a film noir. I thought about it and I responded I’m not sure. The most important question is how will it serve the film? I want this film to be seen by teens and I know most teens and adults don’t like watching films in black and white. If I choose to make it in black and white then I would have to do something creative, kinda like Spielberg did with his holocaust masterpiece Schindler’s List and have one color. That damn Roma film has me wanting to experiment with black and white. So what do I do? I can channel my inner Spike Jonze and come out of pocket for a dope ass colorist and make something super funky. Hmmm that could be fun.

Spike Jonze uses red in his classic Her.
The girl in the red coat in Schindler’s List was beautifully done.

Whatever way I decide to go it has to aide the story, I have to capture my audience fast that’s why I lean towards color. But I wanna have fun on this film so why not try something different.

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