Mentor our kids to excellence

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Hidden Brain and Shankar Vedantam was talking about the likely hood of coming from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top is 7% according to a study, don’t ask me where the study comes from but a similar study was cited in the Freakonomics book. In the black community, it’s lower, particularly with black boys. It’s harder for black men to successfully come out of poverty and I believe this is because of the broken family.

The way to fix this is mentoring, when a black boy doesn’t have a positive male role model to guide him he’s more likely to fail. Boys, in general, are more aggressive than girls and by the time puberty comes they’ll try the dumbest shit. If they are white it’s all good, however, a black boy is looked at as a menace.

I want to help, so today signed up to mentor the youth. It’s important for the next generation. If we can mentor a kid at an early age we can get them on the right track and bring them out of the cycle of poverty. I believe the best way to help is to mentor youth by educating them on finances, career, and spirituality. No matter what education or economic level you’re at we should help because we’ve seen farther down the road than they have and it’s only right for us to warn them of the pitfalls that may come up in their future.

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