The Jason Mitchell Effect

If you haven’t heard Jason Mitchell was fired from Showtime’s The Chi and Netflix’s film Desperados. We don’t know the specifics of what he’s allegedly done but we do know that whatever it was it got him let go by his reps. He allegedly harassed his co-star, Tiffany Boone on The Chi, it got so bad that she had her fiancé on set during her scenes with him. During his short stint on the set of Desperados, there was an off the set incident that got him fired. Let’s be clear when a star gets fired from a film set it’s a big deal. These are multi-million dollar investments. I don’t know the specifics of his contract, but they may be on the hook for the money they owe him. Money aside firing him throws production into a tailspin. They now have to find another actor and get the production back on track.

This brings me to my short film 2 AM that begins shooting June 21st. My casting director/associate producer, Kat Blade suggested that I add the PGA’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines as a part of our production. The reason is to protect our cast and crew so that we have a comfortable work environment. It basically means the women and men on set will have a contact person to report harassment and that person will be the same gender as the victim. This will aid in the production so that everyone on set has the power to be heard when they feel harassed. I want everyone on set to be able to do their job freely without being tormented by their co-worker or supervisor.

If we do have an incident it falls on me to handle it correctly. That means investigating the allegation and if it’s true, administering the correct discipline. These allegations should be taken seriously. It’s more likely that we won’t have an incident like that on our film but it’s always good to have a plan just in case right?


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