It’s Been a Long Time

Kelly Askam (sound mix), Natalie Reinholtz (director of photography) Cody Healy (gaffer)
photo Sabrina Alexander

It’s been a while since I posted so I wanted to talk about what I’ve learned since wrapping on our shoot.

I have to talk to my team about what’s going on.

I ran into an issue with renting equipment. It was on me because I misread the email the rental house sent me (correction I didn’t read the email they sent me). My wife is trying to pick up the equipment and she tells me they need insurance. Meanwhile, we’re preparing the set and getting actors all pretty with make-up, I’m trying to fill out an insurance form on my phone. It was kinda stressful because as director I’m getting asked 101 questions. Instead of telling my producer I need some time to fill out the insurance info I’m starting and stopping the insurance process to answer questions.

After I pay and submit the insurance I wait for the rental house to confirm they have it as my lovely and patient wife operating off no breakfast is waiting for them to say “okay we got the insurance, here’s the equipment.” Nope! I didn’t name them in the insurance. No problem right? Wrong, there was no way to update the insurance and to add more stress toppings on my stress pizza, there’s no phone number to call. So I do another application for insurance and pay again! That’s right two payments for the same damn insurance. Needless to say we started late on our day but we managed to get about 80% of what needed to be shot. We would have to pick up the rest of the shots on day three.

Lesson learned, I have to lean on my team when I need help instead of trying to do more than my bandwidth can handle. I’m sure if I didn’t have to deal with that we probably would have been able to get everything shot for the day.

More on day two in my next post.


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